How to apply for a green loan?

How to apply for an EE/RE loan

Green loans are disbursed by our partner financial institutions (PFIs). Each PFI has defined its own MSME loan application procedures. Consequently, the PFIs’ loan applications may differ somewhat.

Therefore, if you have any questions about applying for Green loans or regarding the eligibility of your planned investment for green financing, you are always welcome to contact the PFIs directly. They will provide comprehensive answers to your questions.

If you want to apply for a Green loan and you are already a client of one of the PFIs, the institution will quickly indicate whether it can lend money for your planned investment. If you are not a client of one of the PFIs, please contact one of them and request information on how to apply for green financing. If your proposed project is eligible, the PFI will conduct a financial analysis of your business and indicate whether it can finance your investment.

The PFI’s highly qualified and specially trained loan officer will evaluate the technical aspects of your planned investment. In certain cases – depending on the size and complexity of your project – a simplified Energy Audit is required. This assessment will be carried out by the technical specialists from the R2E2 Fund; they will analyse your project according to the programme’s technical and eligibility criteria. The results of the analysis will be available within two days.

The PFI makes the final lending decision, and if the vote is positive, the Green loan agreement is signed.

After you receive the Green loan and implement your investment, you will benefit from reduced operational costs and demonstrate your sense of corporate responsibility.