Expanding company’s fleet of construction machines (Vaghashen community)

Expanding company’s fleet of construction machines (Vaghashen community)

Founded in 2006 and considered one of the leading construction companies in the Guegharkunik region, Shant
Seyran LLC engages in a wide range of sector-related activities. One of the company’s main areas of business is road construction, which increases both in number of jobs and quality of work year on year. Aiming to expand Shant Seyran LLC’s fleet of construction machines, the business owners decided to purchase a modern and highly efficient vibrating compactor. This investment will not only increase the company’s competitiveness, but will also help it improve its strategic goals.

Client:  Shant Seyran LLC
Business activity: 


Green investment: 

Vibrating compactor HAMM HD110 with an investment volume of AMD 39 million

Energy and environment-related effects: 
  • Total relative energy savings: 29%
  • Projected absolute energy savings during lifetime (15 years): 2,343 MWh
  • GHG emissions reduction after completion of the project: 623 tons CO2 equivalent 
Additional benefits: 
  • Improved quality of service and increased reliability
  • Decreased production costs and technological needs
  • Decreased operational and maintenance costs
  • Decreased fuel costs and CO2 emissions
  • Improved working conditions and increased labour productivity
  • Improved safety and increased production reliability
  • Increased business competitiveness