Producer/trader of coffee-related products expanding the production capacity (Yerevan)

Producer/trader of coffee-related products
expanding the production capacity (Yerevan)

Art Global LLC installs and services coin-operated coffee vending machines. The business owners decided to expand and start in-house production of the disposable cups they need for their machines. The company started its business with just one set of production equipment and two employees. Today, thanks to making effective investments and taking energy efficiency loans, the company now works with 10 sets of production equipment and employs 23 people. Its annual energy consumption costs are over AMD 8 million and annual maintenance costs are AMD 1.2 million. The firm now produces around 70,000,000 environmentally friendly disposable paper cups and other appropriately certified superior quality accessories every year.

Client:  Art Global LLC
Business activities: 
  • Production of paper coffee cups
  • Trade of coffee machines and other coffee-related products  
Green investment: 

Total investment volume of AMD 47 million:

  • Two MB-S12 paper cup machines with ultrasonic sealing
  • Plastic injection moulding machine TWX800
  • Plastic coffee stirrer bundling machine
  • Transportation and installation costs  
Energy and environment-related effects: 
  • Total energy savings: 19%
  • Projected absolute energy savings during lifetime (15 years): 210 MWh
  • GHG emissions reduction after completion of the project: 93 tons CO2 equivalent  
Additional benefits: 
  • Reduced production costs and technological needs; increased production output/yields
  • Reduced maintenance costs; reduced labour costs
  • Improved product quality; increased reliability in production; improved safety
  • Increased labour productivity; improved production conditions
  • Enhanced status; improved public opinion of the company
  • Better business competitiveness and strategic objectives
  • Ability to enter new markets