Ensuring continuous quality of service and enlarging customer base (Ashtarak)

Ensuring continuous quality of service and enlarging customer base (Ashtarak)

The company Samvel Manukyan has been engaged in the restaurant business since 2013 and has always strived to provide the highest quality service to its customers. In order to ensure the continued quality of service and enlarge its customer base, the business owner decided to build a new restaurant in the city of Ashtarak. The new three-storey building has a guest capacity of 80.

Based on extensive previous experience, the owner has set new challenges for the business by incorporating innovative energy efficient technologies and materials that will enable the company to increase its competitiveness and at the same time decrease operational costs. To this end, the following three investments have been made in the new restaurant:

  • Energy efficient windows and glazing
  • Passenger elevator with EE Class A label
  • Rooftop solar PV plant
Client:  Samvel Manukyan
Business activity: 


Green investment: 

Total investment volume of AMD 40 million:

  • Two layer glazing with EE glass
  • Rooftop solar PV system
  • Passenger elevator (JOYLIVE 6300 MRL)
  • Restaurant furniture
Energy and environment-related effects: 
  • Total relative energy savings: 76%
  • Projected absolute energy savings during lifetime (20 years): 1,026 MWh
  • GHG emissions reduction after completion of the project: 344 tons CO2 equivalent 
Additional benefits: 
  • Improvement of service conditions
  • Better comfort level for clients
  • Reduced production costs and technological needs
  • Reduction of current energy costs
  • Improved working conditions
  • Enhanced status; improved public opinion of the company
  • Increased business competitiveness