Producer/trader of roof clay tiles expanding the production capacity (Yerevan)

Producer/trader of roof clay tiles expanding the production capacity (Yerevan)

LI-NAT LLC, owned and managed by CEO Mr Gagik Sardaryan, was founded in 2016. Initially, the main activity of the company was wholesale trade in building materials. The production of clay roof tiles was aimed at providing for the local market; it only had two employees and a limited range of tiles. Sales amounted to no more than AMD 25-30 million.

An opportunity to expand into the Russian market meant that there was a need to acquire new efficient industrial equipment.

The GAF Energy Efficiency Programme enabled the company to purchase equipment that facilitated a significant increase in production with the benefit of energy savings of about 25%; thus ensuring high levels of quality and compliance with international standards.

The new equipment has resulted in the creation of new jobs and significant energy cost reductions have already been observed. Today, the company has about 15 employees and a well-organised production of high-quality tiles – all thanks to affordable lending. Currently, the organisation already has contracts with buyers from Georgia and negotiations are underway to export clay tiles and other products to a number of coastal districts.

Client:   "LI-NAT" LLC 
Business activities: 
  • Wholesale
  • Production of tiles
Green investment: 

Total investment volume of AMD 220 million:

  • Line for the production of shingles MORANDO M 6
  • Furnace-dryer Naber
  • Firing stand Riedhammer
Energy and environment-related effects: 
  • Total energy savings: 25%
  • Projected absolute energy savings during lifetime (15 years): 776 MWh
  • GHG emission reduction after realisation of the project: 344 tons CO2 equivalent
Additional benefits: 
  • Increased competitiveness
  • Reduced production costs
  • Increased production output
  • Improved product quality
  • Increased reliability in production
  • Improved production conditions
  • Enhanced company’s status
  • Ability to enter new markets
  • Improved safety